Can I Prophesy!? 

Do not despise prophecies 

Do you get what this means

Even if you don’t you can see

That satan gets what this means


The fact that there are fakes and phonies

And at that abundantly

Means that certainly

The gift originally 

Contributed invaluably

To the people seeking to live Godly

And so the enemy

Decided to deploy

A decoy
Of a 167 in currency have you ever seen a fake note

And the likelihood will ever be remote 

And if found, it won’t be worth boast

Because it wouldn’t get past most

A fake you can’t make

If there is no original in the first place
So what’s the point of prophecy

Is it just for the future to see

And like smoke and mirrors entertain me

No, it is to give eyes of truth to the blind 

When they grapple in darkness, to give light 

To establish the seers of old

Their words not to break but hold

So God’s people won’t be sold

And to destroy error that seeks to mangle the lambs of His fold

And to those who fell or fell away

To bring them back to the Truth, Life, and Way

And so the shepherds can see the Wolf a mile away

Even though in wool they are displayed
So don’t despise prophecy

1Thessolonians 5:20

But prove it by study

Not through words of the worldly

But scope of truth from Source heavenly
So may I prophesy?

Imagine in your mind’s eye

You’ve a daughter for whom you’re ready to die

Would you give her away to any guy

Who just happens in a flashy suit and tie

And slick tongue to pass by
And yet we are letting souls for whom Christ died

Get left by the way side

Precious as they are in His eyes

But we stand back and the scary reason why 

Because we can’t tell them a truth they can’t deny

Because we haven’t given our own heart and time

To sink our minds deep in truth’s mine
“I am a prophet” they claim

A claim very few in the Bible proclaim 

And crowds feed their fame

But their followers can I blame

When truth I don’t weild well enough to save

The seeking souls who have been sucked into the same

In love do I pray in Jesus’ name

That when He comes, His own to claim

Without spot, wrinkle or stain

To see many standing who were snatched from the mouths of wolves safely

Because they listened to the true gift of prophecy


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