If beauty was the value

Beyonce would deserve worship

Mad prasise for both hips

And shrines built for her performance

Temples raised for her heeled footprints
If wealth was the value

Then Mr. Gates would deserve prostrate praise

And the Forbe’s list would raise

Demi-gods, divas and other worthy sorceries
If intelligence was the value

Then homage goes to satan

who surpasses man

In as far as thinking

And maybe even beauty if we keep thinking

Do you see where I am going?
None of these are the value of life

Not power, not smarts, ot the length of your knife

Not longevity, not work, not even your wife

Not that any of these are sinful

In themselves they are gifts and useful

“But when perverted

To Self-serving”

The greater the gift given

The greater the curse it risks becoming
Life’s value does not consist of the things

Which are here today and tomorrow gone with the wind

“Love and purity”

Truth, Selflesness and humility

Justice, mercy, obedience and honesty

Character is the only thing you will take to eternity

So is it a wonder that He seeks to build His in us? 

All else is vanity


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