Taste That

If every insult we threw

Tasted like puke

Yep, you say Eeew

But humour me will you

If every stab that we took with our tongue

Tasted like blood

Would you think twice before you poke fun
If every song we sung

Was sweet to the tongue

And the note would not determine the sweetness

But the heart and its nearness

To hearts of unseen holy angels

Who have sung throughout the ages

We would all be sweet mages

Whip up deserts on our palettes for ages

Though through life the storm rages
If love tasted like ice cream

Like sweet smooth souled ice cream

The different flavours for different people

Vanilla for your parents so you wouldn’t hesitate

And if to love your enemy was chocoloate

And to love God would be a flavour that cant be described

And you’re afraid if you found the words it would take away it’s majestic vibe

But it certainly has you craving more

And there is a never-ending source

We would all seek to truly love

To seek that pure taste from above
But maybe it’s best our tongue reamain for food

Just as much as it is good

That love remain a principle

Not a taste or a feeling alone

Because most of us would be tasting stone

Cold as ice on a frozen pole

For then we would love for the wrong reason

And that would for our own desires to be feeding

Or do we do that already?
But we should be grateful love is a choice

And not dependant on the tone of voice

A high and holy principle from above

And not a taste on the tongue

Because many of us would’ve tasted true love

And would have kept it and looked out for number one

Which would be ironic because then we would never taste it again


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