One Day (light)

One day

I won’t be here anymore

And you’ll be left to fight the war

That I had started way before

And you’ll ask what you’re fighting for
One day

You’ll wake up and say

This journey is not meant for me

And to leave your bed will be tough that day
One day

You’ll wonder where I Am

Was it all a ruse

Was it all a scam

Did I leave you as the flames they fanned
And on that day 

I want you to see

The garden of Gethsemane

The battered road to Calvary 

To see how much you mean to me
And on that day

It won’t make it all go away

But as you look in faith

You’ll see I have already trod that way

I have your strength for that day

Just come to me

Today, today

And on that day I’ll show you the way
One day

One day

Until that day

Well done May faithful servant, I will say

Trust Me and My Word obey
It is not just worth it, it may seem today

But it will be more than worth it one day
The whole point is time can be used for hope if you look ahead with Christ. If we follow Him and the steps of those who have gone before us, resting till Jesus’ return, no sorrow will be for eternity. But if we ignore the time at hand and make evil use of the life God grants. Then we will cease to hear His voice one day. In faith reach out and grab The Hand of Mercy He holds out. 

Not some distant day. Today is the day of salvation. Today.


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