Angels Have Arrived

They appeared out of the sky

Beings that were a glory to the eye

Even those who did not believe

By their sight had to concede

The air around them vibrated

Their divine abode demonstrated

Much light and strength in their presence

Give an excite, butterflies of supernatural essence

Then in melodic tones their voices ring out

Like a chorus of lightning bells is their shout
Give glory to him, the coming king

The one who gives you everything

The one who lets everyone in

Give glory to him, give glory to him

The one who appears robed in lightning

The one who brings peace to this earth of sin

The one who relieves all suffering

And if you suffer its because you have no part in him

The one who affords the proud many paths to Him

Even if that path means holding on to your sin
Then a small voice says to you

Fear God and give glory to Him alone

Who took your sin and heart of stone

So that you can now live right

The just live by faith not by sight
The bright beings continue to proclaim and shout

But there’s something wrong, can’t quite pick it out

While all else cheer and bow, you doubt

It’s something about what comes out their mouth
They say glory but they say nothing of Holy

Seemingly from above but speak of this earth only

They proudly do miracles and masses celebrate

But they speak not of right worship to Him who did create
Then you realise something so subtle indeed

And when it’s confirmed it brings weakness to your knees

These beings bring much light and energy

But there is no warmth though they proclaim peace
They glitter and shine

But their voices say things that are not in the Book

They have wings and all

But I have also heard of them that did fall

They would have you believe anything and all

Their smooth tongues and acts will drag you on for miles

As long as you never think of self denial
There is something missing

Despite the fire from above

That is true worship which is revealed in love
Despite what you see listen to The Small Voice

Fear God and give glory to Him alone

Who made the waters, earth and that above

Who suffered all that He did on the cross

And was therefore exalted above all cost

So if you in humility suffer and take up a cross

It is not strange, for in this you have part with Him

Serve one another and die to sin

And the desired love and ability to obey will be found in Him

Not in you or any shiny being
Forget what you heard

Your only safeguard is The Word 
The just shall live by faith


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