If The Shoe Fits 

I bet you think this is about you
The one who prays long prayers in public

But can’t roll out of bed to pray for a minute

The one who shouts from the pulpit

But whose words your life don’t fit
The one who refuses to serve

Because you are afraid you may hit a nerve

Or someone may realise you are a perv

Because from girl to girl your eyes do swerve
The one who rates the speaker’s words

Giving 6s and 4s from the back third

Talking about what should have been said

When deep inside it’s you who are dead
You point at the nakedness of the sister

But you’re naked despite the length of your skirt

For your wardrobe is the same just not at church

In some ways your nudity is worse than hers

Not that that takes her is off the hook

For her outside reads like the index of a book
You love to hear the songs they sing

But refuse to heed the message they bring

The mouth shout hallelujah and amen

But the heart at the clock is looking
Called to see Obama, Ex POTUS

The meaning of modest wouldn’t miss most us

Putting away our phones wouldn’t have to be told us

And be glad to take any duty he put on our shouldas
I fast and I pray

But your heart doesn’t change

Not because He wouldn’t be able

But your heart has walls like the tower of Babel
We will do it, we will do it we say

But the Master of the work we left out in the rain
You feast at the table of self pleasure

“He is coming, He is coming!” but your actions say “NEVER!”
I bet you think this is about you

Well, if it’s your size, you know what to do

But the shoe is actually mine


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