Who Am I 

God says about your sins this

I have moved them far from your places 

Far as the east from the west is

So Who am I

To bring them back

Take a backpack

Burden and track

My way through the black

And bring in the past

Love does not do that

It humbly teaches and moves past

And God is love

So who am I
God says I didn’t come to condemn

But the lost I came to save them

So who am I

To leave the lost by the wayside

And make the final decide

That this one is beyond the tide

Of His mercy’s wide

Wave washing aside

The sins in which I

Think they have dipped and dyed

When He had them in mind

As on the cross He died

Then for me just to brush them aside!?

Who am I

To say they are beyond mercy

When I didn’t have the courtesy

Or the decency

To pray when they needed me

To listen when they suddenly

Went missing finding another shoulder to lean

Passing a verdict when I never made a plea

On their behalf on my knees

While He stands as a Priest 

Interceding for me

Who am I
God did His work in six days

And rested on the seventh way

Back before I had a say

Who am I 

To bring in a change

To something He made to keep me safe

From the toils I can have a place

To get away from the rat race
Left to myself I would erase

My existence in the chase

And never stop to take pace

I’d never reflect like in the mirror see my face

Have God put me in my place

At His feet where my tears will trace

Tracks to the scar where they nailed Him in place

And run myself to restless space

So if He took the time

Who am I

The devil never takes a break

They say

But since when were we to demonstrate

The traits

Of him who can’t create


No Father

No father

Wants their daughter

To become a pornstar

And yet its a

Billion dolla

No father

Wants their son

To on the run

From law and detention

Yet what’s going on

So many felons

There’s no space in prison
No father

Wants their daughter

To be the seducer

Or tempter

Or be who the rapper


When he says he’s in love with a stripper

Yet these poled joints

Could be emptier
No father

Wants their son

To be a liar

A killer

An innocent blood spiller

The corner drug dealer

But these pavements could be no filler

Of screaming blood, fit to be a spine chiller
No father

So why are we here

Shuddering in fear

Holding back tears

As the world steers

Into the grave’s rear
So many things

No father would want for their child

Are now mundane and mild
Because no father

No matter

How good of a father

Can make the choices of his daughter
No father

No matter 

How just

Can force his son’s trust
No father

That doesn’t mean

That I can makes sense of sin

But you can’t deny

We make choices day out and in

From the words we are saying

To the top you are wearing

And no father is making

That choice for you
We can’t deny

There is an enemy


We are far from the ideal

But to this I appeal

The cross of Christ

Shows we can decide


The incline

Against the choice to do right

To sooner die

Than commit a crime


The heart of Our Father
Lest I be misunderstood

To be making excuse

I will speak no farther

Let Me Tell You Why

Let me tell you why


Walked away from Christ

It’s not because I wanted to do wrong

But because I struggled to do right 

Like turning out the light

Because the glory was to bright

And I was a creature of the night 
Let me tell you why


Walked away from the Saviour

Not because I had no will power 

But a weak will

I couldn’t say no in the tempted hour

Doesn’t mean I didn’t want to climb the tower

But I was prepared to climb against a shower

Not a waterfall of self in full power
Let me tell you why 

Walked away from Christ

It’s not because I walked alone

But because I was the leader of the group

And all thought I was the strength of the troop

And satan saw it too

And shot for two

And nothing but net swish and no alley-oop

I expected words to lighten that which made me stoop

Didn’t so I flew the coop

And they continued to whoop whoop

Not even intercession in a prayer group

Maybe no one else on the team shared my struggle 
Let me tell you why 

Walked away from God 

It’s not because I tried to hurt Him

But I wanted to stop hurting Him with my sin

Trying but always falling 

This constant backsliding 

And it’s not that I gave up, I gave in
Let me tell you why 

Walked away from Him

It’s not because I wanted to walk away

But because I tried to walk with Him

You can’t divorce if you are not married to Him

You see the problem I am in

Is unique to those who walk this thin

Road we walk when we decide

For right

And finally walk in the light
You’ve seen children roll down the grassy hillside

That’s easy

But when you decide 

It’s not a game and start to make the climb

Your intentions you can longer hide

And the enemy has you in his sight

But he knows Who is by your side

So he whispers “you’re out your stride”

It’s not an easy ride
The problem is not that we never stood up

The problem is we stood and played up

The expectation that was layed up

And acted like it never made up

Our motive to stay up
The problem didn’t begin when we

Walked away you see

The problem started when we stopped thinking the Cross was for me
Let me tell you why


Had an


Problem. The Road was too tough for me.

We think Calvary was easy

And it’s presented to be

Until you take the time to read

And see


He did this for me!?

He became sin so I can live free

His love for me, special delivery 

He became sin so I don’t have to be

And by faith alone can I live Holy
Let me tell you why

We walked away

Not because we never began

But because we stopped looking at Him as our stay

These Are The Arms 

These are the are arms

That carried me

When I was to small to see

And later to proud to see

She shielded me

Literally with her own body

And later with her mercy
These are the arms

That steered me right

With her heart wrapped round her might 

So I now see the height

Of her love when she did smite

It hurt her heart before it gave my cheek a bite 
These are the arms

That moved to the sweet humming voice

As she made the meal of choice

And it seemed the meal picked the noise

And love was knit into the meal

By hymn and song, you know the deal

Table set your, appetite you feel

Nothing like a home cooked meal
These are the arms

That had the magic touch

Knee scrapes and such

Would lose their sting

Even though she told us not to do such a thing
These are the arms

That wave good-bye

And I get something in my eye 
These are the arms

That welcome me back

Even when I look like something dragged in by the cat
These are the arms

I commit to God

To stand by her as her head she nods

To sleep, to sleep

Like she said to us when we were her little brooding heap
These are the arms

And I thank God 

That these are the arms

That raised me

Who else’s son I rather be

Here now and in eternity

For God did not just make Mummy 

To be 

The laugh of melody

Here alone you see
He made that laugh so heavenly

Because that’s where He wants you and me

Why I Shouldn’t Get Married 

To wash my clothes 

To man my stove

To bake my loaves

Or just buns in the ove
To tick a to-do

To make much ado

To get a hair-do

To cease the queries ensued

When I done bridal parties 6+2
To entertain 

To reward my fame

To share a name

To hi-score a game
To do dishes

To fulfil my wishes

To scratch all my itches

To fix their glitches
To cross the line

Before 49

To all my friends outshine 

And my wallet line
To become whole

To make guacamole

To fill my empty soul 

And for vows make a sick poem
These are not reasons to get married 

Or the foundations to make a home

I am not saying I must remain alone 

My heart is not made of stone

But if these are the reasons

And the many others known 

Then it’s best I go back home

And find out why’d

I need a bride

And not just a body by my side
To show the image of God

In a world where His image has been trod

To minister to my other pea in the pod

To restore the image of love

To learn how to give that gift from above
If the reason is not My Saviour

Then me being single might save ya

But if it’s to please people 

For them or me to not be frazzled and harried


This is why I shouldn’t get married

Can I Prophesy!? 

Do not despise prophecies 

Do you get what this means

Even if you don’t you can see

That satan gets what this means


The fact that there are fakes and phonies

And at that abundantly

Means that certainly

The gift originally 

Contributed invaluably

To the people seeking to live Godly

And so the enemy

Decided to deploy

A decoy
Of a 167 in currency have you ever seen a fake note

And the likelihood will ever be remote 

And if found, it won’t be worth boast

Because it wouldn’t get past most

A fake you can’t make

If there is no original in the first place
So what’s the point of prophecy

Is it just for the future to see

And like smoke and mirrors entertain me

No, it is to give eyes of truth to the blind 

When they grapple in darkness, to give light 

To establish the seers of old

Their words not to break but hold

So God’s people won’t be sold

And to destroy error that seeks to mangle the lambs of His fold

And to those who fell or fell away

To bring them back to the Truth, Life, and Way

And so the shepherds can see the Wolf a mile away

Even though in wool they are displayed
So don’t despise prophecy

1Thessolonians 5:20

But prove it by study

Not through words of the worldly

But scope of truth from Source heavenly
So may I prophesy?

Imagine in your mind’s eye

You’ve a daughter for whom you’re ready to die

Would you give her away to any guy

Who just happens in a flashy suit and tie

And slick tongue to pass by
And yet we are letting souls for whom Christ died

Get left by the way side

Precious as they are in His eyes

But we stand back and the scary reason why 

Because we can’t tell them a truth they can’t deny

Because we haven’t given our own heart and time

To sink our minds deep in truth’s mine
“I am a prophet” they claim

A claim very few in the Bible proclaim 

And crowds feed their fame

But their followers can I blame

When truth I don’t weild well enough to save

The seeking souls who have been sucked into the same

In love do I pray in Jesus’ name

That when He comes, His own to claim

Without spot, wrinkle or stain

To see many standing who were snatched from the mouths of wolves safely

Because they listened to the true gift of prophecy


If beauty was the value

Beyonce would deserve worship

Mad prasise for both hips

And shrines built for her performance

Temples raised for her heeled footprints
If wealth was the value

Then Mr. Gates would deserve prostrate praise

And the Forbe’s list would raise

Demi-gods, divas and other worthy sorceries
If intelligence was the value

Then homage goes to satan

who surpasses man

In as far as thinking

And maybe even beauty if we keep thinking

Do you see where I am going?
None of these are the value of life

Not power, not smarts, ot the length of your knife

Not longevity, not work, not even your wife

Not that any of these are sinful

In themselves they are gifts and useful

“But when perverted

To Self-serving”

The greater the gift given

The greater the curse it risks becoming
Life’s value does not consist of the things

Which are here today and tomorrow gone with the wind

“Love and purity”

Truth, Selflesness and humility

Justice, mercy, obedience and honesty

Character is the only thing you will take to eternity

So is it a wonder that He seeks to build His in us? 

All else is vanity