Not Hungry 

When Samson was with prostitutes

Harlots and all that that constitutes

It was not because of loneliness

And if so, he could have endured the test 

Because lonely don’t lead to death
Pan over and we see Joseph

Torn from family, betreayed in the process

On the rise and rise, head of all his boss posessed

It’s evident the bitter loneliness

And here are the caressing arms of a temptress

Literally begging him and it wasnt for bed rest
Joseph and Samson both had the urge

By their choice each decided what would govern
When Adam ate the fruit, it wasn’t for sake of hunger

Twas not an empty stomach to the sway of sin he went under
But Jesus hungered

Whether He could turn stone to bread was not His wonder

But if bread was worth tearing assunder

His faith in the Word of The Father
When God rested twas not that He was faint

Of drowsiness there wasn’t a taint

He created Sabbath with His Creation to commune 

Now “I’m tired” is the choice for me and you
It’s not that there weren’t plenty of fruits on the trees

But the command was, “You only need listen to Me”

Put in her stead  we wouldn’t have eaten like Eve?

From what we do with time, it’s hard to believe 
It’s not that we don’t have time

Six days are yours and mine

And yet we eat of the seconds that are blessed by Divine 
Today, today you have the choice

You hear the call, you here the voice

The pull, the urge is no excuse

You have a choice, you have a choice
Don’t use the passions to steer your fate

Your will with God’s cooperate

Sufficient enough is His grace

If it it were not why pay the price paid 

The cross to put you back in place
It’s time to realise you’re not hungry

Who do I choose is the quandry

A higher calling 

Or to lower passions falling 


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