Besides The Point

We are angry because we 

Love to see

Jason Bourne get chased down through streets
With the possibility of getting his head blown off
And when the bad guy gets the snot kicked out of him we smile
We jump out our seat
But what you do in your free time is besides the point

Maybe we are angry because we think God is like us
That He is watching all the suffering and that
In His heart, sparks of amusement, a twinge
As The Almighty sits back to watch and to binge
The murder, violence ,rape, ravage, destruction, suffering
That maybe this is all entertainment to Him

The same way you sit on your couch and see her get raped
And you don't turn it off
Or the multiple slaughters and killing streaks make you smile
You can't shake the feeling that God has been doing exactly that all the while
That He is smirking as He watches our kids and pedophiles

We get mad because when with the opportunity to help those in need we are faced
We ignore them and so we think God does the same

Maybe we are angry because we think He is like us
And not that we think He is working to make us like Him
We create Him in our image
Like characters in the series the producers have imaged

Could it be that binge watching has made us think He does the same
Maybe that's beside the point again

Okay, so what is going on?

If there is anyone who wants this done, it is God
If there is anyone who's heart is broken, it is God's

But even I wouldn't let all this cruelty happen you say
What shows up on your 51 inch screen for pleasure says differently
But that is besides the point

He is able to do everything why doesn't He stop it at least
Stop all the suffering, evil is having a feast

Good point when someone who can do everything is not doing what you expect does that mean they are doing nothing?
A doctor may sometimes deal with the symptoms
A healer may give health to the dying
But God's aim is to restore and resurrection
And that means not just dealing with suffering, murder and lust
But dealing with sin and yet, still remain just
And that means dealing with the accusation on His character, earning our trust.

Imagine if you were halfway in teating cancer
Then you in your wisodm stop treatment altogether
You know that it will come back but you couldn't bare to see them in pain anymore.
Or if every mother in pain gave up in labour.
She chooses instead to still give new life despite the pain
So imagine the heavenly choice but maybe that is besides the point again 

Sin is to choose anything against the perfect will of God. 
The thought that there is a safer, wiser, better way than God's.
To choose that God got it wrong.
There was once a time when all beings were in line with God's will
And then another will accused God of missing the point

And the cancer started, sin.
In order to restore from sin
You do not kill the sinner, but you kill sin
I guess we would find it easier to kill the sinner
Afterall, it was their choice.
But in His love, He chooses to get between us and sin
And restore us to a position where we can live like Him
He not only separates us from sin
But paid the penalty of which we were deserving
And make sure it is not in remission
But never to rise a second time, never again
In order to do that you have to give everyone a choice.
You can't rape for love has a choice
You can't make the choice for them
Because if it is not their choice to trust His will
Sin will rise again

Like a wife who doesn't trust her spouse
Will worry and talk about him every time he leaves the house
Married by ring but but not in heart
Again, that is besides the point

The mercy of God is from everlasting to everalsting
Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed
To open His arms and pour out all heaven 
So that some by grace may enter in

Now the heavens watch in anticipation
Men who don't understand everything
But by faith can grasp eternity
Are glued to their televisions
But that's besides the point.

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