“Over My Dead Body”

God was accused of being harsh of being unfeeling and that’s why He had rules. To be a tyrant to lord it over those He supposedly loved. Who, if left to themselves, would do even greater things. So God was asked to change His rules to accommodate for this and He said, “Over My dead body.” So some of those He “loved” broke the rules anyway and convinced others to do the same. And God could no longer have them safely in His home so they got kicked out and death came between them and God.
“Just change Your rules so that they can be united to you again.”
And God said “Over My dead body”
And obviously those who accused Him said, “Behold the Tyrant! He needs His rules. He will not change them because His rules are the only thing that keep Him safe. He does not know what it is like having to keep rules that can not be kept.”
So God said, “These rules can be kept. Watch.”
And He came down to those He “loved”, became one of them and lived with them and lived day by day according to His rules for 33 and a half years. The whole universe watching Him. He didn’t stumble, even when tempted over and over. He deliberately stayed Himself. Till it seemed like His rules were part of (if not His whole) character. And it looked great. He healed. He prayed. He laughed. He cried. He lived. Free. And those He “loved” started to see….love. They wanted to live like Him.
So much for “these rules can’t be kept.” 
Fine, but the ones he “loved” hadn’t kept them. So death still had to remain between God and those who wanted to love Him in return. Unless He changed His rules.
So God said “Over My dead body.”
So they said “Oh really?”
As He took the separation of those He loved upon Himself.
And they pushed Him closer and closer to death, something God had never had to subject Himself to. God was a Tyrant so there was no way that He would allow Himself to be subjected to such humiliation, torture and heartbreak. Such divide. He would surely sooner change His rules than do this. The closer He got to death He would eventually change His rules.
But God said “Over My dead body”
And He died taking on the separation and death. And yet, keeping His rules intact.
The refreshing rain of God’s justice, both of heavenly origin, met and like the rainbow lifted high in the sky, God’s character was revealed.
And God said (in a way that I still can not fully comprehend) “I accept My life and sacrifice. Death has no hold on Me. Rise My Son!” And God rose from the grave. Defeating death.
Ultimately saying “My rules can be kept. I have taken on the separation so anyone who wants to love me in return can do so over my dead body and rise again with Me. You can deliberately live day by day on this temporary earth like I did when I was with you so that you can live day by day for eternity in the safety and freedom of My character.”
“But You are a Tyrant!”
“Would a tyrant ever allow Himself to be subjected to death for others?”
“But Your rules can’t be kept.”
“Yes, they can.”
“You can keep them! They can’t!”
“I purchased their freedom from separation and give them the power to live like Me.”
“It’s too much.”
“What haven’t I done?”
“….. Just change Your rules!”
“Just change them!”
“To do so would be to change Myself and remove the safety of love and freedom of life itself.”
“Change the rules!”
“Into whose image should they change? To suit who?”
“To suit those you love!”
“Those who want to love me in return will find joy in being like Me, why would I take that away from them?”
“Change them!”
“To suit who?”
“Over My dead body.”


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