If You Will Have Me 

Have you ever seen night turn to day

Happens so often, it’s not a miracle they say.

That at the right time, the dark gives way

And just like the earth I had my role to play 

To turn from myself and let heaven have sway
That night in my bed I lay

No excuses, no games to play

That night, not as I was taught to pray

I put my entire heart on display 
My hatred for hypocrites 

The fear of losing my friendships

My fear of rejection

Among men and then in the final inspection.
And I heard Him say

At the end of the day

All this will fade away 

And it will only be you and Me
The choice is yours and yours alone

To hear My call and follow Me home

To take My hand despite the storm 

The choice is yours and yours alone

Despite the rights they make seem wrong

And all the nights that may seem long
Am I more when the earth gives plefty

Am I enough when your pocket is empty
It’s not gonna be an easy walk home

But I can promise you never have to walk alone

The choice is yours and yours alone.
So I held back no longer

I didn’t have any feeling of being stronger
I said
I will take the path

Run the race

Do the math

And take my place

Face their wrath

And take Your grace
Only if You will have me.
And He said, “Let their be light”
Have you ever seen the night turn to day?

Too much of a miracle to be ignored, I say

Though, like submission, it happens everyday.


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