Sssshhh…Hush up now, she is asleep
Not a sound not a peep
Put away the drum set

I don’t wanna see that trumpet

That singing, make it distant

Just forget it, dump it
Like the yard we stomped it

We screamed we yelled we done it

We called it praise and worship

We a Capella sung it
We yelled it from the pulpit

Y’all might as well just lump it

Dancehall, classic, crumped it

Rapped, danced, and bumped it

Hush up now, she sleeps

Not a sound not a peep
I wish that would change

But it stays the same

Open but her eyes blind they remain

Having daydreams of worldly pleasures and fame
Away, away, her heart is away

Bodily here but spirit has strayed

All has been said so what can we say

Not in a coma or passed away
The church is asleep

The foe likes it that way

Hush up, the church is asleep

Not a sound, not a peep
But it is not soound that will wake her

There’s not a tremor that can shake her

It will be the still small voice

The day she decides to take up the choice
To wake up
Turn the world upside down again

Take up the plain great commission

To die to live, to live mission

Impossible means to her nothing

Except a chance for gold refining

She’ll refuse to believe imaginings

On the Truth alone she’ll be standing

The LORD, Her Saviour, Her Foundation

To every kindred, tongue and nation

The Spirit, The Agent of straight testimony

Burning a whole through every fake and phoney
To ask for The Spirit, if she would only

If she wasn’t so scared of being lonely

For when for truth she stands

Her husband will be no mortal man

She will have to look up to the heavens above

And await the nail scarred hands of her true love

Wait! I think I saw her moved to action

Oh. Wait no 

That’s her getting into another distraction
Wake UP Wake UP!


It’s okay, just watch another movie

Play another game
Afterall, you are not part of her body

So you can’t pray for change.
Ssshhh…. That’s what the foe wants you to believe

Now go to sleep

Lest you wake her up and Her Husband hears her call His name.