He bent his knees and he lifted his arm if only, maybe, to shield his face. But when then he heard the solid bang, like hail hitting a roof. The hiss that followed was the unmistakable sound of an extinguishing fire. Several other sounds just like it followed.

He opened his eyes and the most scary but fascinating sight met his eyes. Right above him he saw purple, fiery silent ripples being created right above his arm as if they were meeting a solid glass surface and then the fire would seem to get sucked in. The safety was no bigger than what could cover him. Fiery darts hit the floor right around his feet and burrowing their way into the ground, creating small craters. It was like watching a mauve waterfall of deadly fire and feeling the flashes of heat thereof but with each thud on his unseen protection, he could still hear the thud of his heart beat. He was alive. And kept safe…. somehow.

As the last of the pellets fell and burrowed itself in the ground, he cautiously stood to full height and looked where the other armour clad figure was.
But both the clad one and the creature were off in the distance now. And for a brief moment he saw that the armoured figure stopped and turned to see him.

“I am okay!!!”, He shouted, waving his hands in an unbelieveable laugh.

The armoured figure’s shoulders shuffled up and down a little in what may have been a slight chuckle and then it took off after the creature.
He looked at where the armoured one stood in the tyraid of purple pellets. And right there was a huge patch of unharmed ground. But it was the shape that got his attention. THen he looked around his feet, he stood in the same shape of unharmed ground, though much, much smaller. But the shape was certain, the unmistakable shape of a cross.

“Trust me.” The voice was calm and authoritative.

“I am your shield and your exceeding great reward.”


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