“I believe.”
He felt his arms jerk up as he arched backwards with his feet planted firmly to the ground. Both his hands smacked the creature squarely in the chin. Knocking it back in surprise and immediately, a sword of fire was swung at the creature but it dodged the blade, hopping back and running away in a full sprint. In hot pursuit was a brilliantly clad figure. Green embers seemed to burn brightly in the back part of the breastplate. The fire in the boots seemed to burn in liquid sapphire as he ran after the creature.

But as they took off the creature turned around quickly with its chest expanded and and it’s head up to the sky like it was about to howl.
And instead of some musical note uttered from its chest, there came a shower of fiery, mauve pellets. They quickly rose and were now quickly descending on them both.
“Put up your shield.”

He looked down, for the first time at his wonderfully armoured arm but there was no shield. He frantically patted his back. No shield.

“Where is my shield!?”

“On your arm.”

“There is no shield.”

“Trust me. There is a shield.”

“No. There…”

“Trust me. Lift up your right arm, now!”


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