He screamed as the talons came at him and hit his chest in full force. Right claw, left claw, right claw. Each blow was louder now, the screeching sound was now more defined and the sight of the mauve flecks of fire that rose up from each blow made it even more terrifying. But even though he was hit, solidly, he was not hurt or tossed aside.

He looked down as far as his eyes could without moving his neck to see the burning and probably poisoned cuts and bruises across his chest. But there were none to speak of. Instead there, where his chest should be he saw the sparkling glint of pure silver that seemed to be alive with marble white veins.

“Make me blind! Make me blind! Please make me blind!”

The creature now stood back and stared at him. It was about his height but hunched over and bulky around its shoulders.

He realised that the purple slits in its shadowy , shield-shaped face were its eyes. And though the rest of this creature was human-like, it’s features were blurred in shadow and scarlet smoke that rose off of its body.

“Please close make me blind again.”
“I said no, because that is not the answer.”

“But can’t you see that I am stuck! I can’t move in this prison. They’ve got me!”

“Prison!? No. Oh certainly not. For a prison keeps what is bad away from what is good. This keeps the good intact, safely away from evil’s harm.”


“This is your armour.”

The creature came rushing forward again. Right, left, right. Each lumbering blow aimed at crushing him but again only rattling him severely but not moved. It stepped back and he could have sworn it rolled its eyes.

“You are going to have to start moving.”
“What do you mean!? I can’t even move my neck!”

“You really don’t have to shout.”

“But I can’t move!”

“Ask me how to move.”


“Stop shouting. I am right here.”

The voice was not raised but there was a certain authority to those last words.

“Please show me how to move.”




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