Echoes From a Hill (4)

Part 4: He Wouldn’t Stay Down

I just looked at him in the distance
This must be it he can’t get up this instance
This must be it, he must stay down
Or suffer shame unending from all those around

When self-reliance is the currency you afford
The reality and frailty of human flesh is your reward
And he meant what he said that’s why he swung the sword
Only to find when the enemy is ridicule he would rather deny His Lord

I was sent to watch this one
To be honest watching him was quite fun

He would speak out of turn
Wasn’t really sure what it meant for the other cheek to turn
He used his zeal to speak up as if his Lord’s love to earn
Boy, did this guy have a lot to learn
Because he would say something straight from the Spirit,,, then take a worng turn
We would whisper to him and somehow wind up with his own lips burned

When he walked on water, he really thought he could boast
But then he looked away and he ended up soaked
And his Lord smiled, rebuked him and kept him safe in the boat

Nothing extraordinary about this guy
Fisherman, unlearned, certainly not shy
Married, certainly not rich and prone to lie

But there was this one thing I noticed as I carried out my study
This man had something that was more valued than money
When he hit the floor he would get back up whether wet, dusty or muddy

Down with an empty net, and up with the miraculous catch
Down when he was told to get behind, and up into the mountain a glimpse of glory to snatch
Down into the stormy sea, and up holding his Saviour with bruised ego to match

Down and up
Down and up
It was almost nauseating to watch
So I was glad to see him down, where he couldn’t do much
Else but weep and crumble, this was the final touch
In a process my master by my research put together specially for him
To make sure he noticed he had gone to far in sin
To think he could come waddling easily back in

And with the cockerel crowing in the background, I whispered to him
“I will deny those who deny me.” Are you not already denied in heaven?
His body quivered at my words
This would make him stay down for sure
Then with these words the silence did he stir

“I may be denied on earth but not in heaven
For He who comes from there prayed that I, even I should strengthen my brethren
He has looked at me with compassion, His eyes shone with truth
I have nothing to plead for in myself, no good, not even the skin of a tooth
I can only cleave to what I have held to this whole time
Sinking in a boat or in the mountain where His glory whiter than white did shine”

He quivered, and the last tear left his face
He shook and the dust came off his knees and his robes fell in place
His bowed head was lifted and he seemed to know the mystery of grace

The just shall live by faith

“Simply to my Saviour must I cleave!”
And he took off on his way, the roads and paths to weave
And crumbled at the door where that woman with eyes so pensive
Opened the door and looked down on him
And quietly welcomed him in like he had never sinned.

He had learned something
Something I had failed to learn as a lesson
That in all of earth and all of heaven
It seemed the Creator actually loved His creation

Nay…. Nay. We must show the world that He is a tyrant
And what if we are wrong, what if He is The Answer. To all needs, Suppliant?

Eitherway, he was safe now behind a wall of light
I couldn’t touch Peter now, the angels encamped around him and hid him from sight.


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