1/2 A Butterfly Wing

Inna de mud 

and dirt that I trod

A work of art I done found

A shine in the rough dem say

A diamond a many colors there lay

It done drew all me attention from

The gloom and brewing storm

At least for a secand

Until I come  ta realise

Dis bit a beauty 

Is bitta beauty

Half a radiant buttafly wing

Is, yes a good lookin’ ting

But ya cyan’t farget it’s a sign

There is a broken buttafly nearby.

Like the make up she put on

A work of art ta look apon

And the jewelry she adorn

A glitter and shine it add on

But they cyall it make up

To say not far from the surface there be a crack

Inna de beauty of half a wing dat

Cyan we back track

And save the broken buttafly


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