1/2 A Butterfly Wing

Inna de mud 

and dirt that I trod

A work of art I done found

A shine in the rough dem say

A diamond a many colors there lay

It done drew all me attention from

The gloom and brewing storm

At least for a secand

Until I come  ta realise

Dis bit a beauty 

Is bitta beauty

Half a radiant buttafly wing

Is, yes a good lookin’ ting

But ya cyan’t farget it’s a sign

There is a broken buttafly nearby.

Like the make up she put on

A work of art ta look apon

And the jewelry she adorn

A glitter and shine it add on

But they cyall it make up

To say not far from the surface there be a crack

Inna de beauty of half a wing dat

Cyan we back track

And save the broken buttafly


I Sold You the Make Up

When you came from the Creator’s hand
You were perfect in all you needed to be

Just as the apple seed holds the entire tree

Yes, you were perfect in all your beauty

But then as you began to blossom and bloom
That is when I found my opportunity to find myself some room

Where you already were whole I chiseled in doubt and gloom

Is that really what your eyes should look like?
Is your visage something to behold, making the poet write?

Your form to grace the covers of magazines, a pleasing sight?

Are your lips pleasing to the eye

Not knowing that your eyes were already made to envision eternity
That beyond any tint, shadow, or tweeze

The richness is in each look cast compassionately
Despite the layers, that the visage of the Creator is shown beyond

That your foundation goes past blushes and tinting blonde

The work of your hands sheds colours of life to the servants of bonds

No need for paints for you are the brightness to which we are drawn
Why seek the grace of magazine covers 

When you are the subject covered in His grace
I will tell you exactly why?

It is because of I.

Because I needed to find a way to get in

And if you knew how much you were worth, my chance would be none to slim
So I said, are you sure you are enough?

So I said here is the additions and trinkets

Let your outside shine with whatnots, whatsits and blingetts

And as the years past did you realise that all those layers
And the disappearance of all these players

That after all the brushes, cuts, incisions, and bitter remarks nurtured
I was the one who sold you the make up

To put a shake up

On what was already made up 

To be shaped up

As the image of the Creator
So that I of base character could say

She is mine, for no one else will have her anyway

When in reality you are treasured beyond, fashion, paints, polishes, and shades

I sold you the make up so I could put a price on beauty, whos price is passed what words can say.

*i don’t mean to sound as if I am saying every person should go all natural or like grooming is not needed. But I Will say we have undervalued just how wonderfully God has made each one of us when we must sell these additions to make us more……. more what? And for who?*