Epistle From An Ex

I know you probably never meant to hear from me again.
I only send this as a friend.
Don’t get it twisted
You don’t want me I get it
Message is clear, haven’t missed it.
But after all we went through
All the loved ones we said bye to
Celebrities and those we lost at home
The heroes, little known
No medals, or prizes
But loved in all shapes forms and sizes.
After all the triumphs and joys
Through the silence and noise
I deserve for you to hear me out this one last time

You once welcomed me with a smile
We had plans to be new, to grow together, the extra mile
I had hoped we would make it last
But I guess it was only a matter of time.

Next thing I know you were posting things about another
“can’t wait to see…”
“praying for…”
I guess I had gotten old
With my dab and all
(that was your idea but I will take the fall)

I only have this to say.
You can move on to the next.
But at least learn this from me.
If you don’t start to realise your own worth.
If you don’t start to see your life as more than just a pass-time on earth.
Then your new one will end up like me.
Old, a fad and a trap.
If you don’t begin to think about the purpose of our existence, your creation.
Then you will end up with shiny distractions
Physical action attractions
Unstoppable passions
And no reason or peace.

Given time, I know this next one will end.
But I hope you won’t get carried away with the trends.
And that eternity would be your aim in the end.

So grow, please grow.

Formerly yours,


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