Something Real

I wish the people in these pews would come to life
Because I can’t see the struggle and strife
That comes with being alive

It’s kind of like I am amidst a valley of bones
But these skeletons sing in melodious tones

And are covered in the wash of the light through the stained glass
Masking them in colours that the true colors can’t get passed

We stand and we sing
Shake hands and grin

And I have to keep up the act
Otherwise, I get the You-weren’t-all-that Starter Pack
You know, the judging stare
The you-should-know-better glare
The look away, that says “this is the real you, we see”
The push away that says, “Redeemed!? HA! You could’ve fooled me.”

Where are the ones who get angry like Moses used to
Who have the knowledge of how to
Pray and get angels to hold them back when they choose to

Or the Pauls who pray and still have the thorns in their side
Or the John Marks who by mission get terrified
To the point that they run and hide
But in the end, grow and can be reconciled

Where are the women by the well
Who once drunk out of broken cisterns
The ones who tried to find peace in Misters
And know how to draw water from the well that never runs dry

Or the women who were thrown shame-faced at His feet
The ones who people wanted to throw stones at and retreat
The ones who know how to give to God their brokenness
And realise how faithful and just He is to forgive when we confess

Where are these people, the struggling ones?
Instead I stand in the midst of mannequin nuns.

I want the real people, not so I can mock
But so I can learn how to stay in His flock

I am not saying, you need to pretend to struggle
But please don’t crowd in and keep me out the huddle

I want to be able to talk to you
But behind your mask I can’t get through.

Because I know you came to Christ to get away from sin
So I know you also have a struggle within
For when the Spirit and flesh are at war
It means God is working to make victory sure

I just want to know how you are doing it
So I can learn how to really live and get out of this pit

Because the reality of your testimony makes me feel
That the choice to be a Christian was not a fable played off a reel
But something real



*So a friend put up this quote and I saw it. And so what follows the quote is was what God put on my heart*

Smiling in tough times is Jihad
Keeping patience in hard times is Jihad
Struggling for good deeds is Jihad
Taking care of old parents in a respectful way is Jihad
Forgiving is Jihad

I have heard it said
That there is a war in every heart, soul, and head

Some say it is two vividly vibrant, grizzled wolves
Which one you feed consatntly, consistently proves
Which of the canines ultimately will win or lose

But even more accurate is two seperate beasts
Like two winds, one from the west and the other from the east
The ragged, powerful hyena, considered a pest
And the noble, royal lion widely considered to be the best

While the royal of the two is careful, and chooses what he devours
The ragged of the the two does not pick and choose what supplies his power
Now you can see why there it takes more effort to do good than bad in this war

The decision, the chase, the holding and dividing of the prey of the predator
The opportunistic glare, the hoarding, the selfish snatch and grab of the scavenger

Anything and all versus select and focus
Free for all versus discipline and free choice

Some have called it the Cosmic Conflict
Others say its just a delusion created by the idealistic
Some call it the true Jihad
Others call it is a passing fad

Others still say that we are meaningless all laid out at nature’s mercy
Some, choose to see it as the Great Controversy

But no matter what you title the bigger picture
No matter which beasts you envision
We can not deny the fact that we fight this battle everyday
Broad is the road but narrow is the way.

Epistle From An Ex

I know you probably never meant to hear from me again.
I only send this as a friend.
Don’t get it twisted
You don’t want me I get it
Message is clear, haven’t missed it.
But after all we went through
All the loved ones we said bye to
Celebrities and those we lost at home
The heroes, little known
No medals, or prizes
But loved in all shapes forms and sizes.
After all the triumphs and joys
Through the silence and noise
I deserve for you to hear me out this one last time

You once welcomed me with a smile
We had plans to be new, to grow together, the extra mile
I had hoped we would make it last
But I guess it was only a matter of time.

Next thing I know you were posting things about another
“can’t wait to see…”
“praying for…”
I guess I had gotten old
With my dab and all
(that was your idea but I will take the fall)

I only have this to say.
You can move on to the next.
But at least learn this from me.
If you don’t start to realise your own worth.
If you don’t start to see your life as more than just a pass-time on earth.
Then your new one will end up like me.
Old, a fad and a trap.
If you don’t begin to think about the purpose of our existence, your creation.
Then you will end up with shiny distractions
Physical action attractions
Unstoppable passions
And no reason or peace.

Given time, I know this next one will end.
But I hope you won’t get carried away with the trends.
And that eternity would be your aim in the end.

So grow, please grow.

Formerly yours,

Look Away, Pray.

Enticing me to say ‘yes’ when it’s right to say ‘no’
In this battle, it’s hard to tell friend from foe
As has already been said before
How d’you stay faithful in a room full of ho….ld up.

Lord help me know
Not every thigh is mine to hold
Even though it’s there exposed.

It’s not fair that it’s made a show
Whether fair or no
Let what is higher control what is below.

Though neck lines dive low
And am exposed to every curve am not supposed to know

My eyes will see and i thank You for sight
Lord, please help me not to look twice
Upon that which is not mine.