By the Power of Their Testimony (10)

But not long after that, my older brother passed away….

I am actually glad it happened then and not when I was busy still trying to wonder from the LORD. Because if it had not been the LORD on our side (like Psalm 124 says), I would have folded and had no hope.

I would have been angry and walked away from God and used my brother’s passing away as another excuse to say,
“God. If you want me you are going to have to tell me why You let this kind of thing happen.” And walked away from God.

But since God accepted me. I admitted.
“LORD, I know that this world is not as You would have it, as it was at creation. I know that death happens. But it hurts. It hurts bad. All I can ask is that you comfort my family. Make us strong. Give us that place to mourn and cry if we must. But give us strength.”

And He did. As we buried my brother I realised that God touches the heart. He gives peace that surpasses all understanding.

That is all I can say.


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