By the Power of Their Testimony (8)

The other wake up call was when my stealing my mother’s money was revealed.

My older brother had fallen ill in the hospital. His intestines had twisted. He had to get a surgery. And not long after, it happened again. This time, my mother came in from India.

And she needed money.

It was time to face her and tell her how I had emptied her account to buy myself a laptop that I had fallen in a drain of water with that laptop, making it useless. When going to the hospital, ready to tell her. The world just seemed like a haze. I remember trying to practice lines to say. And I realised I could not sugar coat it. I had no idea how I was going to make things right. I deserved to be shipped off at best and disowned at worst. I knew I feared but I couldn’t lie anymore.

As we sat in that hospital room and I relayed to her all that I had done. She just looked at me and then she did not say it was okay. I did not expect her to.

But she did not reject me. Actually she still treated me as her son. She told my father who then said that I had to pay her back somehow. I was still their son.
She did not reject me. And that told me something about God. And His mercy, His grace.

He satisfies the longing soul.

God blessed and I got selected for a team for the Zain Africa Challenge….


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