By the Power of Their Testimony (5)

The LORD is good….He satisfies the longing soul.

Turning back to God
So then I got weeded or withdrawn (weeded) from the University of Malawi at a time when that seemingly spelled career suicide. If I did not get my degree from University of Malawi what else was going to happen with me? Actually, my dad later told me that he had no idea what to do with me, then. I still had not told them about stealing the money. So that guilt still weighed on me.

Then my uncle suggested I go to Malawi Adventist University. I just said “yeah” because,,, well… what else was I going to do?

By the way, that was when the University was not yet accredited by the Malawi government, the institution was going under a change of affiliation from Solusi to Baraton and infrastructure was still being built. Let’s just say that the new intake, which I was a part of all agreed that this place was good for studying…. and almost nothing else.

And like all institutions, you have this great controversy playing out. You have the good crowd and you have the bad crowd. And for some reason I automatically found it easy to fit in the bad crowd. Again, I did not smoke, drink or sleep around but the people I gravitated towards were from that crowd. And to be honest I got so close to adopting that lifestyle. Like deliberately.

I was tired of being sort of good and having certain boundaries. I now think that I was trying to bury the guilt and the thought that maybe I deserved to go to school in the middle of nowhere. I went out with the guys one night and prostitutes were picked up, they were all drunk, clubs were gone to…. well, I should actually say bars/pubs.

There was this guy, my best pal in the group and at the university who made sure I did not drink any alcohol, that I was supplied for. I came out that night thinking I could get used to this. I did none of what they did. But that I could adjust slowly and be like them, with no boundaries….

But God had other plans….


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