By The Power of Their Testimony (2)

But He satisfieth the longing soul. And so how did I come to know Christ?

Well, it was a series of events and seeds God planted to reach my heart.
There was the children’s choir and Pathfinders that our mother told us to go to. I remember the first time we went, my younger brother and I did not quite fit in because we couldn’t speak our own local language (a whole other story) but when it came to the singing, we were actually quite good.

That kept us in church and away from mischievous influences. And I believe the songs we sang planted the Word of God in our hearts.

There was also a radio program we used to listen to together as a family called Unshackled. Produced by the Pacific Garden Mission. It dramatically narrated the life testimonies of many different individuals. How they came to know Christ. And probably the way that I found out about accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour. I may not have known what that meant completely but I knew that it took the weight of the old life off of people and now they were new creatures.

And finally there was the Satellite Evangelism program. Our church set up a satellite and beamed an evangelistic series of Mark Finley in Papua New Guinea. I remember there was a night he talked about heaven and he made an appeal and I and my older brother raised our hands. When we got home I remember my older brother saying “I will be so happy to get to heaven and spend eternity with you.” And I was like “yeah”. I remember going to sleep so peacefully that night. So happy.

But there was still that anger somewhere in the background.

So my older brother got baptized. My younger brother and I went to Bible class together but we did not understand the language in class but when the time came to be baptized we wanted to be baptized. They sat us down and interviewed us. Thank God we had an understanding of our beliefs from Pathfinder classes and our earlier classes. And there was also reading through the Maxwell Bible Stories (Those were such a blessing to us). Spirit of Prophecy was not one of the beliefs we completely understood. But we got baptized.

And it went so well… For a while.


2 comments on “By The Power of Their Testimony (2)

  1. Desiray says:

    Seems like we both wrote on same topic today.


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