You Won’t Believe

* This is an old message I wrote with minor tweaks. So if things seem outdated, it is because they are. Dedicated to my older brother who passed away 28th March in about  2010 or ’09*

South Africa hosted the World Cup. Yep, it actually happened and no one died by Tsotsi (as far as I know)….

The only death was that of Bafana Bafana. Knocked out at the group stages… I know, first time in history that the host got knocked out at that stage. Speaking of knock outs, Shakira sang the official World Cup song for South Africa. I know! She has nothing to do with South Africa! (well, at least she is not the first person who comes to mind when you mention South Africa). But a good song, no doubt.

Manchester United lost the Premier League the season you stopped watching. Oh and Sir Alex retired…. No not in that exact order. OooO and Giggs became manager for a bit to replace…..a mistake. Oh and we bought Robin Van Persie…. I kid you not!

Speaking of kids, I hope you like the title uncle because your cousins have been getting busy and your close friend Kuge too, YES, Kuge! And speaking of busy….(well, not that kinda busy)…. our brother is working on an engineering degree….. in Namibia! Our sister is in UK and they still have medical records of hers from when we were there, complete with house number and all!

Speaking of stalkers, Facebook is still free and is still alive and well. But people in Malawi caught on to instant messengers. Yeah, like Mxit… but better.

America voted in a black president, twice! (granted it was the same guy). White house is still white (paint wise).

Speaking of white, Eminem made a comeback. And while we are on music…. MJ died. Whitney too. So did Nate Dogg. Snoop Dogg & Warren G survived.

Mum and Dad survived India…. Unlike you. Actually it was more Malawi that couldn’t make you survive.

Dad is a cancer survivor. (I did say this was an old message)

Me?! Well…. I…. What is there to say about me? I came back form the Zain Africa Challenge, we didn’t win. Far from it….

Yeah….. Oh, that you can believe really easily, huh?

Speaking of believe, I went back to Jesus. I know….. I am just as surprised as you. But I am more surprised at the fact that He accepted me. I know, you thought that I was the good boy gone bad for good, didn’t you? What makes it different this time?

Hhhmmm…. This time it’s not about me trying to get into God’s good books by my own actions, it is not about wearing a burden.

It is a relationship. I know I don’t believe it…. I can actually talk like that, It sounds grown up.

Speaking of growing up. I found out that growing up isn’t easy, it is necessary but we don’t grow instantly. But if God is able to sustain this world that He created with His very word from second to second, than He can sustain me and every other person who believes in Him from second to second, moment by moment.


You won’t believe it but I found God… and I tried to make you fill that hole in me at some point but it was actually filled by God.

You won’t believe it but, it is not about me and that’s exactly where I trust life should work.

You won’t believe it but I can smile.





*I don’t believe in talking to the dead. I believe in what the Bible teaches about the dead. But if I was to have a conversation with my older brother I think this is what it would sound like on my end. And I am able to share my little bit, I hope you find courage to share your testimony in song, pain, jokes and all….. We have this hope that we will see them again. For the dead in Christ shall rise first. (Read 1Thessalonians 4:13-18) *


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