Eyes Of A Rose(4)

Roses are red, violets are blue

The truth set me free, it can do the same for you

It was such a relief to see no blood when she looked in the mirror

She could see her own face clearer

But she wished it could do the same for her voice, maybe then they could hear her

She would tell her friends how they could be clean

How the blood of The Lamb had washed her from crimson to pristine

Some did not get what she did mean

Some would run from her when she was seen

Teachers, deacons, bullies, parents

Everybody except the school parrot

You can be clean! You can be clean!

And in those who stayed around her results could be seen

No lies, no red where blood had been

And when it showed up, it was nothing that the blood could not clean

And this is how it was until she passed nineteen

Roses are red, Violets are…. red

Well, at least that’s the way she felt instead

Because when he came around

That’s what she found

Or maybe it was the fact that he was new in town

Maybe it was how the light through the colored church glass shone down

On to his greenish hazel eyes, pools in which she could drown

But there was the blood that did his lips surround

You shouldn’t be unequally yoked, she would read and hear

But she could not stay away, that was her fear

Yes, he had the blood on his mouth every time they met

But his words were so kind and his eyes so warm, and he just wouldn’t let

He came to her, he listened to her, not perfect

But he would just say God wasn’t finished with him yet.

…Especially when God seemed to be done with Dad

Violets are blue, roses are too

He passed away in his sleep, a heart attack they said

But it was her heart that felt like it had been torn away

It was her heart that stopped beating that day

And it was her heart that was lowered into that grave

His face was clean no blood, no stain

So the hope was there that she would see him again

And those green-hazel eyes were there

At least in her sorrows to share

Still constant with a listening ear

At least someone in this world cared

But the blood on his lips hadn’t disappeared

.At least not yet and she could see

I mean how far equal did a yoke have to be?

But she stuck close to God and she wouldn’t let him, in unless he was clean

And he was not clean yet

Until he showed up one day at her doorstep

One red rose, a tear in his eye and a clean face, and she said yes.


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