Eyes Of A Rose (2)


Photo: Alex Markovich

Violets are blue, roses are red.

If you had her gift, would you trade it instead?

For a while Rose thought she was losing her mind or her eyes

But then realised that only she saw blood where there were lies

Beautiful lips that she once treasured and listened to

Were now covered in scarlet and reddened dew.

Teachers’, friends’, Mum’s and Dad’s, and strangers’ lies

Blue, black, yellow and white lies, they all stained crimson in Rose’s eyes.

Daddy asked her once, why she was so quiet for her size

She didn’t mean to be rude, but she just thought it wise

After all she realised, with a closed mouth, it’s hard to tell lies.

Violets are blue, Rose are red

Don’t tell a lie or be caught dead

These were the thoughts she said in her heart

As she looked in the mirror and her day would start.

For though so many other faces were stained

In the mirror her reflection, clean and pure it remained.

Then one day, in class, the teacher holding his behind

Stuck his other hand out bearing a pin and made them stand in line

And while every pupil said they did not know who planted the pin

They could not believe, neither could she, when her lips could not hold the names in

And yes, the culprits got what they deserved in class

But revenge was served cold, ending with her covered in trash

Her cheeks red hot and her dress smelling like sin

Her mother was shocked as Rose tried to rush in

I’ll sort them out just tell me who did this my child

With fear in her eyes thinking of what they would do next, she put on a smile

And said, We were playing hide and seek and I just chose a bad place to hide.

Violets are red, Roses are blue

I can lie and so can you.

Rose could not bear to see herself in the glass

Because now that pure reflection was a thing of the past

No matter how many times she tried to wash her lips

When she looked at the corner of her mouth, the trail of a single blood drip.



2 comments on “Eyes Of A Rose (2)

  1. kdeenwildman says:

    Wow…I read pt 3 before 1 and 2. So its all just coming together. The story is soo captivating.


    • ds_moyo says:

      You know, I really wanted to find a way to make sure that it came out in an order that people could read it in that order….. but then i may have to right it backwards… :D. But thank you for taking the time to read it, Kaydeen.

      Liked by 1 person

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