A Sip of Heaven

Somehow our taste buds have been ruined. You know how it feels when you have bought your favourite snack and you thought,

hey, this would go great with some tea.

So you boil the water and you won’t settle for anything less than the perfect chill out. So with that in mind as the water boils you set about preparing your nook. You set it up just right so that when you finally get to settle in you won’t you won’t have to move from there, in like…… forever. You will settle for no less.

The water is finally ready. You make yourself a hot cup of tea. The steam rises off the top and the familiar clinks of the teaspoon signal the final steps of the perfect chill out. The aroma is irresistible as you put the cup to your lips cups the virgin sip before you settle in. It seemed like a good idea at the time…..

The taste was just right…. for the second you thought you tasted it, that is before that taste turned to numbness. A painful numbness, a sharp, involuntary push of the cup away from your lips and for some odd reason your body decided to swallow rather than spit. The burning sensation stops about halfway down your throat. You are safe, you are not dead. Thank God it was only a sip you had taken. Imagine if you had dared to take a mouthful.

‘It’s okay. You are fine. As long as you let the cup cool for a bit’, you decide as you settle down. You take the first bite into your snack. And that is when you realise your plight. That first sip had burnt away your taste. And now the whole experience you had pictured is ruined.

It is kind of the same with a taste of heaven.

I can only imagine what it must have been like for Daniel, Ezekiel, John & Ellen… Or even Jesus Christ after the transfiguration. To get a taste of heaven and then continue to live down here. As beautiful as life is down here is, it pales in comparison as ash to burning embers of coal when put next to what heaven is.

Where it may not be exactly the same but even in our Christian lives we experience something that carries something of the same principle. God calls us away from the worldly and it feels awesome as you start to make more and more time for God. He slowly fills parts of your life. It becomes more fulfilling to live. And there are moments, even days that you feel closer to God.

Then something will come and ruin it. Someone’s words, your past, a reminder of your inability, a mistake, or a lapse into sin. Then you remember how close to God you felt before and you feel your taste buds have been ruined by your taste of heaven. Maybe it was better if you never met God at all, or if you just walked away from it all. And this of course is wrong so your next solution is to chase that next spiritual high, chase that feeling, right?

No! Please don’t do that.This journey is not about feelings. And even if you do go back away from God, nothing will come close to heaven or the closeness to God that you have experienced. They will only stand as distractions.

Take heart. This is a journey that you walk a step at a time with the Saviour. This world won’t fill that void and you know nothing in it will. You are made made with a refined taste for heaven, so even as you live far from it best believe He guides every step. When you feel your taste has been ruined, you may frown for a second and then smile for He said

“I am with you.

You just miss me is all.

I have prepared a place for you.

Now go and call the others.”


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