Eyes Of A Rose(3)

Roses are red, Violets are blue

With these unwashable stains, what do you do?

Dressed for church but would the stain let her in?

It was five years now, and they always let her waltz in.

Could the deacons see it or were they distracted by her big hair and bright high heelin’?

Was it her changing body or the colour she got her hair dyed in?

Whatever, the way she saw it, some had their own bloodstained mouths in need of washin’

But as she sat with Dad’s hand in hers, there was something that got her attention

She had heard it before but now it was more than just words to sing

Would you be free from the burden of sin

What blood was this that there was power in?

Violets are blue, Roses are….white?

Take blood to turn crimson white. That can’t be right

For the past five years she never bothered to look up in church

To be honest the sight made her eyes hurt

The Pastor would go up to preach

But did he practice what he did speak?

Because the blood that stained his mouth made it hard for her separate lie from truth.

So she either stared at her feet or looked up to the roof

And Daddy was always there so that at least made it hurt less

But now, something she saw made the difference.

The stains were gone from Pastor’s countenance.

When he spoke, there was new confidence

To be very honest, my week has been hell

And when y’all thought Pastor can never stumble, I fell

A weight had been on my shoulder for years

The shame, the anger, the fears

Yep, Pastor was strugglin’, just like you do

Only thing is I thought I was better than you

And I held on instead of handing my heart over to Him

I thought that being Pastor gave me permission to a little sin

Thank God I am not too good for the basics

For God so loved the world that He gave

His only Sons blood for us to save

His runaway, rebellious children, He gave the opportunity

The choice, even while we were His enemies

For anyone who would believe

And choose their sin to leave…..”

She had heard it before but the glorious sight to see

Was as Pastor spoke, his lips did not bleed

Not a drop, it was all true

His whole sermon through and through.

God’s love, God’s mercy, washing away, all true.

Roses are red, Violets are Blue

This is whats true, this is whats true

She did not know whether he made an altar call or if she had run

But she remembered standing in front of the pulpit when he was done

She could not remember if a song had been sung

But she remembered that the church was empty when he had come

Pastor had a smile on his face, a clean, bloodless smile

O Child, no! No!

This cleanness, I can’t give you, it does not work so!

It is much better. It’s grace. You can ask Him yourself.

Yes, yourself, the same way I got it from Him

I don’t need to know but He knows and wants to wash a way the sin

He wants His child to walk with Him, hand in hand, and clean.

Just your, heart child, will you give it to Him?”

As she knelt and spoke her apology

She did not feel a jolt or a surge of energy

But when she arose and looked in the pulpit’s polished glass

She saw herself with a clean face, just as it was in the past

Restoration could be seen in the mirror reflection staring back.

I wish this was the story’s end

And not with a deadly twist or bend

But that is where we began so let’s get to the end

And it all began when she let him in

With a red rose.


Eyes Of A Rose (2)


Photo: Alex Markovich

Violets are blue, roses are red.

If you had her gift, would you trade it instead?

For a while Rose thought she was losing her mind or her eyes

But then realised that only she saw blood where there were lies

Beautiful lips that she once treasured and listened to

Were now covered in scarlet and reddened dew.

Teachers’, friends’, Mum’s and Dad’s, and strangers’ lies

Blue, black, yellow and white lies, they all stained crimson in Rose’s eyes.

Daddy asked her once, why she was so quiet for her size

She didn’t mean to be rude, but she just thought it wise

After all she realised, with a closed mouth, it’s hard to tell lies.

Violets are blue, Rose are red

Don’t tell a lie or be caught dead

These were the thoughts she said in her heart

As she looked in the mirror and her day would start.

For though so many other faces were stained

In the mirror her reflection, clean and pure it remained.

Then one day, in class, the teacher holding his behind

Stuck his other hand out bearing a pin and made them stand in line

And while every pupil said they did not know who planted the pin

They could not believe, neither could she, when her lips could not hold the names in

And yes, the culprits got what they deserved in class

But revenge was served cold, ending with her covered in trash

Her cheeks red hot and her dress smelling like sin

Her mother was shocked as Rose tried to rush in

I’ll sort them out just tell me who did this my child

With fear in her eyes thinking of what they would do next, she put on a smile

And said, We were playing hide and seek and I just chose a bad place to hide.

Violets are red, Roses are blue

I can lie and so can you.

Rose could not bear to see herself in the glass

Because now that pure reflection was a thing of the past

No matter how many times she tried to wash her lips

When she looked at the corner of her mouth, the trail of a single blood drip.


Eyes Of A Rose (1)

Digit (5)

Violets are blue, roses are red.
In the thorns given to you, is there a rose bed?

His blood dripped from her hands as she walked away
Not that she had to escape but there was no need to stay
Neither did she bother to wash herself or the scene
So sure that no water could keep the crimson from being seen.

No, really she just stabbed him and now walked away
Down the sidewalk, As if it was a normal day
And she saw the horror in the eyes of the passers by
Maybe now they would listen to her long-stifled cry

Violets are blue, roses are red.
How about we go back before we go ahead?

She had deep black hair, similar to cotton candy
Skin of a glowing, ruddy shade to be honest, quite like brandy.
Mum and Dad stood by her side in every step she took
As for God. Well, let’s just say she was raised by The Book.

Stories of faithful men and lion’s dens
Taught her not to fear and to keep good friends
To listen to her father and help her mother
To obey Heavenly command and love one another

Violets are blue, roses are red.
I ask again, in the thorns is there a rose bed?

Because it was in this seemingly perfect life
That nobody knew of Rose’s secret gift and strife
She took notice when she was only of the age eight
And from school Mummy came and walked her home
The hobo came, Mummy gave spare change as she answered her mobile phone

The blood oozed out of the corner of Mummy’s mouth
As she said “Of course Ma, we will come down south.”
Rose wanted to scream but Mummy just kept walking on
But how Mummy hung up the phone and smiled like nothing was going on

He could have used

Abstract 3D Wallpaper (13)

I remember, when I was about 10 years old or there abouts, I got burnt by hot water. I was carrying a pot of hot water to the bathroom (for what was then my usual bath time). Now some of you may wonder why I was carrying a pot of hot water in the first place. Well:

  1. I live in Malawi, Africa. Hot water in a pot is not uncommon.
  2. The geyser (water heater) had stopped working in our house a long time ago

So yes, it was a usual thing for me to carry a pot of hot water to the bathroom. But this time  it tipped in my hands spilling hot water all over my waist and legs. I was still in trousers and a belt, it think, so I still have scars from the scalding around my waist.

Besides the obvious having to strip to stop the burning my Ma had a strange solution to the burn. She took paraffin and dabbed it on my wounds. Thinking about it now, there is a silly thought in my head that I could have caught fire. As untrue as that thought is, the fact remains that it was a really strange solution. I mean, cold water, ice, even toothpaste would have made more sense than paraffin as first aid for a burn. And even though I know now that that is not the right first aid for a burn, it was the best that my mother knew about and she provided it. Strange tool but knowing what she knew she provided the best.

Now imagine God, and knowing all that He knows.

He could have made Adam out of particles of the air and stardust but instead He bent down and molded the earth like a joyful child. He could have made Eve out of the Dust, you know, repeat what He had just done in creating Adam and just add, like adding extra features to a template. Instead He went through the trouble of opening Adam and fashioning the beauty that is woman. And there is another weird thing. Since when did you take out a piece of something to make it complete!? (Not that woman completes man or vice versa. Only God completes! But even He said it’s not good for the man to be alone). It’s crazy how God formed earth dust in the image of God.

Or what about Moses?

Moses, I AM  going to use you to deliver, Israel. I will go with you. Yeah, just use that stick in your hands. No, don’t gather swords or men. That stick will do.

Or Joshua.

You will defeat Jericho…. But don’t reach for your sword. Do you have any trumpets and singers? Just remember to take the Priests, the Ark, and your marching shoes.

Or David.

Go out there and I will defend my name against this Philistine. Yes, I know. Yes, the giant one. No, take off that heavy armour. All you need to do is get a few stones for your sling. That is what I will work with.

It is crazy how He uses the things that are in our hands to do things that are out of this world.

And then there is this:

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

– John 3:14&15

And instead of killing all sinners or just pressing reset. He took the form of a man, did not sin and became sin for us. It is crazy that He laid Himself down to lift us up out of sin. It is crazy that He lived a short life on earth to display the life of the Eternal. How He used His death to save life. How He used death to show love. And then there is the fact that He calls us to take part in His mission to get the world to know Him. Us!? He could have called angels!

But should it surprise us?

And He answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones will immediately cry out.

– Luke 19:40


For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

– 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

This is the God who uses fishermen to and tent makers to convince kings. The God who uses water to fuel a fire (Elijah and the prophets of Baal, 1Kings 19) (Moses and the hail that burned, Exodus 9).

Yes, God uses the strangest tools. He is crazy like that.

But I would have it no other way.

If i was the devil

Digit (122)

If i was the devil I would lie
But you know the best kind of lie is that kind with a lot of truth
You know like real cheese with just a little spring and
Oooooh you ain’t comin’ back

Speaking of the truth and that
i would know the Bible from front to back
But never advise that
You do the same so i can take pieces from here and there like

He will lift your foot up lest you dash your foot against a stone(Psalms 91:12)
So all things are lawful (1Cor 6:12) so what you do, do it quickly (John 13:27)
After all, are we not saved by grace?

Or even better
Whoever gives up father, mother, brother, sister
Houses for me will have them hundred times here (Mark 10:29-30)
SO you can have your best life now
Forget the part about hardship to fear

i would know that my time is short. i wouldn’t waste my time
i would be just fine
If you know the truth through and through
But if you don’t do any of it, why would i bother with you?

And in order to push you over the end
i would reduce using your enemies and use your friends
Because where you don’t have walls you are more likely to bend

I would not waste my time with temptations you are not weak against….
Unless that easy victory will let you get self confident
You know any good gambler will take the opportunity
To let their opponent win a few rounds for a false sense of security
Because if i give you enough rope, you will hang yourself #JudasThings

i would like it when you are angry
But even i know that anger can sometimes make you move toward God in a sense
But what works better than anger is indifference
Jade you enough so that you don’t care, stand on the fence (you think)

Why would i approach you with a pitchfork and tail
When i know you like beauty and i have such beauty to flaunt
But even better and what I would want
Is to confuse you so much with the false that you would think i am non existent
I mean why would you guard against nothing?

i would be in denial
See, i would know how the story ends
After all, what is the difference between me and Him?
We both want all of you, we both have angels
We both want worship, we both reward our peoples
And my reward is faster and has none of His rules attached.
You tell me the difference!

Love you say.
Please! Can love make all the difference?
Well, If you are foolish enough to believe that one act on a cross makes a difference then maybe you are dumber than i thought and not worth my time or the space you waste!

But I am not the devil. And you were never a fool to see the cross as the one place on earth
Where love triumphed over corrupt powers, selfishness, greed and decaying self worth
For if He, and He alone be lifted up He will draw all men to Him
And the value of something is determined by the amount someone is willing to pay for it.
And Jesus paid with His life for you
Check your value now.
Not only with His death but as He walked in Galilee
As He faced off in the desert with the enemy
When He rested in the grave
And when He rose again
You were on His heart, on His mind
That is love and that makes the difference.