Empty Pews

My Church is made of empty pews

Yes, that’s right, It’s true

And if you were to be honest you would say the same thing too.

Because the last I checked, its plain to see

The gaping holes that stare at you where the next warm body should be

And why aren’t they here!? We shout at the righteous attendees

As for us and our houses, we serve The Lord fully.

And you know, I can’t blame them.

Amen and amen!

Afterall, they don’t see from God’s point of view

When He says My church is made of empty pews

The single mother who felt she was never welcome in the presence of the holy

The teenager who heard one thing, saw another and realised this might be phony

The singleton who tired of trying to find their one and only and there is nothing like a room full of perfect couples to make you feel so lonely.

The mother who weeps at the loss of her child and would rather stay alone

The child who just discovered what it’s like to get attention and finally feel that they belong…..away from home

The old man whose heart is on fire but his legs have turned to stone

The former leader, disgruntled and frustrated, the playa who can’t keep his hands out the cookie jar

The uninvited neighbor sitting at home, the longing soul that looks from afar.

The scared, the angry, the curious, the poor, and certainly the many, many more.

Open your eyes and you will see them next to you

The people who fill the empty pews.

Why can’t we see them, all we see is hot air.

Like the words out of our mouths to be fair.

Because each empty pew is a child of God who could have been there.

So instead of casting that judging stare at that empty chair

See it as your opportunity to care.

The empty pews are members if we care enough to share

……His point of view

My church is made of empty pews……

But His church is full


Photo Credit – empty pews on easter day by andrewspear


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