There is a Pattern

God says that He does not do anything without letting his servants, the prophets know about it beforehand (Amos 3:7).

Sometimes the people misunderstand God when He speaks, like when the Israelite nation did not know that Jesus was the Messiah. There was the time prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9 to tell them that they should expect Jesus at that time (even the devil got some counterfeits ready at round about that time Acts 5:36-37).

Sometimes the people just don’t want to hear, like when Jeremiah tried to tell the people to get ready to fall into the hands of the Babylonians (Jeremiah 27) (see also Jeremiah 25:4 & 35:15).
God, as far as I know, always tries to let the people know through His word, through His prophets. And then it is the privilege of the prophet to let the people know what God is saying.

Is this true? Does God let us know before He does things? And why does He do this?

Let us check through the Bible, shall we?
In the garden of Eden, it was okay to eat of any tree, any tree, except one. Because if they ate from that tree, they would die. This was told to them, not that they would fear the tree but that they would trust God enough to stay away from the tree. Needless to say, they did not listen.

Cain offered fruits for his sacrifice. God then told Him to do right and He would be accepted. He did not listen.

Noah… I will get back to Noah.

It was all good for Abram (later called Abraham) to be amongst his father’s people until God told Him to come out. Then He had to walk out in faith.

When God was delivering Israel from Egypt through Moses, you did not have to put blood on your door every night before you slept, did you? But there came a certain time when this became a must if you wanted death to passover your house.

Or even these days, you do not see the sacrifices of goats, and sheep, and doves being offered in church because Christ was the fulfillment of those sacrificial services. They sacrificed, in faith, looking forward to the sacrifice that God would provide. We do not sacrifice goats and sheep, in faith, looking to the sacrifice God provided, that is Jesus Christ.(Hebrews 10:1-4&12-22).

The point is at certain critical times God warns and then moves and if we do not move with Him we are in danger. We are approaching the end of Earth’s history in the visible return of Jesus Christ, we would do well to be attentive and go or stay where God tells us to. I believe this is one of those critical times. Yes, in our individual lives but right now I am going to dive into the bigger picture.

In Noah’s time people were going about doing their own thing. Eating, drinking, getting married, mourning their loved ones, making plans for tomorrow…. Basically it was like every other time. Except for one thing. There was this crazy guy called Noah building this ark of wood. It was big and he was pouring quite a lot of his resources into this big wooden craft. It was not the building of this ark that made him crazy. It was the reason for building the ark that made him crazy.
Apparently God told him that there was going to be a flood. That the waters that had always nourished the earth would somehow fall from the sky, overflow the Earth to destroy everything, yes everything. Well, everything except what was on that ark.
Think about that! It had never rained before. The earth was watered by the mist and the water that God made come up out of the ground (Genesis 2:5,6). As in people can walk wherever they want to without worry of a drought. there was plenty for everyone, everywhere and now Noah was saying get into an ark. An ark that had no open fields, limited food supplies, no fun facilities, no freedom (as they saw it) and no reason besides Noah saying God said to get in it.

And what is this!? Animals. Animals getting on board the ark. Not that they were being forced in. They were getting on board of their own accord…. and yet with such order. Two by two, male and female of the animals God called unclean and sevens of the clean animals. Birds, cattle, creeping things…. If even the animals…. Maybe we should…

Nah! I mean who wants to get on board the ark now? All those animals in their? Imagine the mess!
(You know, even a miracle can be seen as a reason to stay away if you choose to not listen to God.) Then the door closed, with just eight people on board.

Now tell me. Was it okay to go all over the earth before the time of the flood? (Besides where God had blocked off Eden, of course)
Most certainly. But what about when Noah started to preach for people to be saved in the ark? Do you think it was then okay to wonder away from the ark or to get into it?
With all the animals? Maybe when it rains a little? In that little space? With that crazy guy!?
Because God said move, so move.

When Lot was in Sodom and Gomorrah, God said get out. So he had a choice to get out.
When Jesus was here, He said come to Me. So we have a choice to come.
Now Jesus says Babylon is fallen, come out of her, My people! He calls His people to get ready for His soon return. Many sheep that are of His flock are in other places but He calls them to be one flock under the Good Shepherd….. But where is the ark of this time, when the world is going to end?

I can only say what God says will save those who make it in the end.
These are the ones that come out of the great tribulation and wash their robes and make them white in the blood of the lamb. Here is the remnant of the seed which survived the wrath of the dragon, which keep the commandments of God and keep the testimony of Jesus Christ. Where you find these two, you will find the ark. And He calls to us now. He does not leave us without warning.
Will the excuses of Noah’s day be our excuses?


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