From your Unborn Child


I don’t believe this letter will get to anyone
At least you left a few songs for me
But I know the letters on this page won’t find their way to you
I don’t know how many hail marys I would have to say to get these pen tracks
Across the pearly gates
And even if the post man came off his usual route to get this missive
I am sure heaven ain’t hard to find
But Lord knows a smile won’t get him in
So even though he made it a point not to trample the rose that
grew out of the pavement
Is it really all about you or
Is the question who do you believe in?

I really wish you could holler if ya hear me
Because it ain’t easy going through all these changes
We are no longer livin’ in the days in need of Panther power
On the oustside we no longer live in a white man’s world
People think we made it and that we livin’ in thugz mansion
When on the inside I feel like we are livin’ in the projects
How can we be livin’ in poverty in a gold mine of this size?
I hope we are not rotten black cotton in God’s eyes

I can hear your voice say keep ya head up
But I feel like I could cry so many tears even though you say baby don’t cry
Lookin’ at all the brothers we lost over the years
The sons and daughters to these dear mamas
Soldiers who had been loyal to the game
Get taken while these phonie homies stick around
And have babies by our own girls
Thought he had my back, all eyes on me, but he had one eye on my girl
And it was all fun and dice until I found that Brenda’s got a baby
Looks like California love got them trapped
He thinks I don’t know, he thinks we still ballin’
I feel this pain ‘coz we once felt like 2 of America’s most wanted
Even though we ain’t American
Now if my homie calls I just let it ring ‘coz I get the urge to hit ’em up
Open up the dark part of my mind and turn these streets into a war zone
Had them pleading when we ride on our enemies but now he is one of them
So he is wanted dead or alive
Put a gun to his head, tell him it’s check out time and ask him
how do you want it?

But then I wake up in the morning and I ask myself
When I scream to God, Can He hear me?
‘Coz, even though mama raised a hell raiser
And people think I am untouchable
I still seek unconditional love
And starin’ through my rear view it can’t be on this earth, it has to be above
I ask myself and I wonder if heavens got a ghetto
For those who heard the ghetto gospel and didn’t step foot in a church
Maybe He would let us in. Oh! What I won’t do for love like that
But I still want Jesus to come back and get these phonies
Love and mercy to meet and make poetic justice
I mean these temptations can not go on until the end of time.

And even though you’re gone
I ain’t mad atcha
‘Coz apparently, life goes on
And some times I listen past you and past the words of the songs
And I can hear the voice of God
Son, I want to take your misery
Replace it with happiness but I need your faith in me.

From one of your many unborn children. The ones whose minds you helped spark.

-photo credit tupac and a child by karlijnlovesart-d3cv2mn


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