If God….

If God does cry

I doubt it would be in the rain

That His tears would cause more storms and sow more pain

If you must see His tears, just look at her cheeks

In the eyes of the child so tender & meek

If God does dream

I doubt we could fathom the scene

Of Darwin & Adam

Of Daniel & Saddam

Slim Shady writing a verse with David

Eve telling Beyonce how to tame her “shake it”

Of Mary next to Judas, telling Hitler how he made it

None of His children’s lives wasted

If God does laugh

I doubt it would be like a typhoon, destroying

And certainly not vuvuzella annoying

But like the still, small voice, gentle

But powerfully open the blossoms and bring sanity to the mental.

If God does pray….

I think He would say let all the children come…..

Ah, but He did

And in humility, putting down the enemy He said Let your will be done.

And in the end, despite my crazy details spun

Maybe not how we expect but God really does…..


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