The Candle’s Secret


The candle has a secret.

Ssshhhh, don’t tell her, I don’t think she knows we know.

There is no doubt that out of her, light flows.

A marvelous light, when the distracting lights are turned down low.

But speaking of down low.

The candle has a secret.

Ssshhh, don’t let her know we know.

Because as she bares the light she makes of it a magnificent show.

Chasing away the darkness in her radiant glow.

And if she knew that we knew it may eat her up in darkness whole.

And we will be left in the dark to scream alone……

The candle has a secret!

SssHhHh! I don’t think she knows.

That as she sheds her warm light we see the secret that grips her like icy snow.

It’s that fear in her eyes that we might know.

But everyone can see it from above and below.

So she don’t know we know so we follow a show so she won’t slowly bestow darkness and oh! We know to know puts us so in the know and what she don’t know we know won’t blow her light or slow her flow so let her not know we know about her shadow……



There now we all know the secret we all know.

The candle has a shadow.

Light to a dark world, but she, herself has darkness to behold.

But she knows something we don’t know. If only she told us about this shadow as in what we already know.

We would not make a show for we know

What it is like to live in shadows.

It is the light we are interested in.

If she would only get over herself and show us what we already know and shows just so, maybe then we may know what we don’t know.

Because we know that she struggles too, but how did she get out of the shadows? How did she get the light and become a candle?

We know that the light is not hers alone.

But can we stop hiding her shadow and show me the light?

*Our friends, family and all around get the chance to see God working through us. But we usually don’t let them see that He is working on us. We put up a front but most of those people who know us already know we struggle with our own demons behind the smiles. They don’t want us to be perfect, even though they do expect it.

But they do want us to show them how God is working on us and can work in them too.


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