Breakfast or Eternity


And sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come; for all things are now ready. And they all with one consent began to make excuse….

The here and now is what we mostly focus on. I mean it does make sense because we can’t see any further than today, actually, if you wanted to be really honest (and drive yourself slightly insane) you would admit that we can’t see any further than this very second.

So some would say live for the moment. You only live once. Cease the day.

These are all really good phrases and essential parts of anybody’s motivational speech arsenal. Because you never know when you could be leading out an army of humanity to fight for the greater good and save the human race from the oppressive tyrant group known as “FaceSoft Apoogle”…… But I digress.

Brilliant words. And what makes them brilliant is that they are true.

This moment should be lived in. The opportunities given today should be taken. You do only live once. One essential part of truth that is usually left out of these sayings is that these are all gifts. This moment, this day, this life, all these are gifts. And any gift can be corrupted or abused, or taken for granted. Especially a gift that is promised and can not be seen.

You wake up one morning. More like you were snapped to life by the smell that came over to your bedside and gently tickled your nose. You sit up in bed and you see the most welcoming sight laid out where your knees should be. A platter of the most magnificent breakfast lays before you. All the various colours, while being different, seem to compliment each other and be more vibrant for being laid out together. And while this is a welcome sight, there is something else that catches your attention. A man standing at the foot of your bed.

“Good morning.” He says in a clear, gentle voice. “This is all yours, dig in.”

You don’t hesitate, you pour yourself some juice and grab the first piece of food that your hand touches but as you bring it up to your mouth. The man says “Don’t forget to say your prayers.” With a gentle but chiding smile on his face.

As you bow your head to pray. You notice a little note on your lap.

“My Child,

I love you. The food on this platter is good. It is delicious . I know because I made everything on that platter.

But this is not for you.

Please get out of bed and come outside. You may have to walk for a little while but I have a feast prepared for you. This is not yours to have, he only wants to keep you here so that he may have what is actually yours. Afterall, what he offers is all he has. You already have something greater where I am. Leave and come outside.”

You look up at the man with the gentle smile. The smells play on your nose and you can practically feel your taste buds tingle with anticipation.

Pause right there.

You may think this is a no-brainer and horrible example because anyone would choose the food over the advise of a note. But what if I told you you recognise the handwriting as the hand writing of someone you love and loves you in return, of someone you trust with your life.

The point I am trying to drive at is this:Everyone knows that we only live this life once. But if our minds were to realise and set on the fact that this life is made up of more than just us, we would realise that our life is not just about ceasing the moment but who that moment belongs to.

We may not be given all the pieces to the puzzle but one thing that is for sure is that we are not mistakes. Our lives have impact, our lives matter, and have purpose. But we also have a choice.

Eat now or listen to the promise of the one we love and feast in company of love that which you know belongs to you.

You can have something great when you cease the moment for yourself. But have you ever seen an empty cathedral?

Grandiose, splendid, amazing, beautiful……empty.

That is not your life. That is not yours. Get out of bed. Go towards The One who loves you.

Picture Acknowledgement: abandoned_gothic_cathedral by i_netgrafx


2 comments on “Breakfast or Eternity

  1. Briane says:

    Great post :)!


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